Art Show

This is the place where artists from around the US and Canada share their wonderful art with the world. They place original and print work up for inspiration and for sale.

Projected Hours of Operation

Friday…….12pm to 7pm
Saturday…10am to 7pm
Sunday…..10am to 2pm

Here are the confirmed artists for the Artshow!
Paul ZuVerink
Cheri Johnson
Theresa Mathers
Alycia Christine
Martin Whitmore
Elbert-from the Facebook page
Jane Long Art Teachers
last years winner-Lindsey
Catherine Roop
Karen Roop
Paulina Cassidy
Sarah Clemens

Artist Registration

The Art Show registration packet will be available soon and can be submitted either by email ( or by post to the address listed below.

Both amateur and professional artists are welcome to display their work in the Art Show. As an artist, you do not have to attend to place pieces in Art Show, you can mail in your artwork. Please be sure to include a control sheet with any artwork you submit for the art show.
4’x4′ Panel……. $15
3’x6′ Table……. $15
Printshop Only…. $10

Payments may be submitted by mail or online, no payment or art submissions will be accepted without a completed artists’ packet.

Please ship your art before March 1, 2016 to avoid shipping delays.

Mailing Address

Cepheid Variable c/o AggieCon Art Show
125 J.J. Koldus, SOFC Slot 780
TAMU Mail Stop 1236
College Station, TX 77843-1236

If you have any questions please feel free to