Accessibility Notice

AggieCon 47 would like to ensure that all of our attendees have access to our programs and panels.  However, there are several unusual architectural elements which may cause minor delays in reaching certain areas of the convention for those attendees who are mobility impaired.  If you are in need of assistance at the convention, please do not hesitate to ask a volunteer to help you.


– If you see someone waiting for the elevator who is visibly impaired, allow them to the front of the line.  If you are not impaired yourself, please consider taking the stairs.  Remember: Not everyone who is mobility impaired has a visible disability!

– Help keep people moving, especially in high traffic areas such as hallways and the dealers room.  Be mindful of your surroundings and move out of the way if you are causing a traffic jam.  If someone else is causing a traffic jam, politely ask them to step aside.

– Don’t block the way.  Even if you aren’t in the way, your possessions might be.  Make sure that your bag or costume isn’t keeping someone from moving freely through the convention space.

– Offer to lend a hand.  The staff of the Brazos Valley Expo Complex and AggieCon volunteers have done their best to ensure space is available in all of the panel rooms for wheelchair or scooter using attendees.  If you find yourself in a room where chairs or other items have been moved to block or fill this space, please help to clear the way.